Week 3


Editing a wiki is easy I tend to edit gaming wikis. The issue tracker was odd to run thought at first as things a old a a few months could quickly pop up on you as well as not knowing if the issue is truly an issue anymore or was forgotten when finished.


Week 2


The IRC chat in class This week was interesting i felt that people were willing to contribute to the topics. Although it was very strange sitting in a class with no one talking yet still having a discussion. As for the Reading it became apparent that you do not need to code to help a project along although I doubt Ill be closing bug tickets that were just accidentally left open. The OpenMRS Developers Guide gave a few Good pages on there was of communicating as well as how to contribute.

Starting CS401


I am hope to get a bridge out of this class as I’m not a very public person it is difficult for me to contact people i don’t know i am hopeful that this class will allow me to learn how other developers both stay in contact as well as starting to think like them. as For the readings i think that most software could be open source and free but it  is not something the world is ready to do yet. we are slowly moving to a point were we will be ready.